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Let’s talk shoes. We all need ’em, right?! Just how many pairs we want  need is the question. I love all things fashionable but if I had to choose I usually gravitate towards accessories before actual clothing. I always make a run at the handbags first because they’re my jawn. Secondly, I go for jewelry since I’m distracted by shiny things . Thirdly, I prepare myself for shoes. Why you ask? Well shoes have always been tricky territory for me. I admire girls with major shoe game but I have figurative “clown feet”. No, I don’t wear a size 16 but I have enough problems with my tootsies that shoe shopping should be looked at like the frontier… I may or may not come back alive, or at least with shoes. Here’s the deets:

  • My left foot is 1/2 size larger
  • I have collapsible arches (so strappy shoes sit above my arches & I need a supportive shoe… Think orthotics 😉
  • My feet are narrow, especially the heels which slip out of shoes quite easily.
  • I have weak ankles so in platforms I wobble wobble & fall on my face (Yes, it’s happened. Twice on a date… A first date). 

heels5 960x960  Fab Four

When I was in NYC last month shopping around I randomly stopped into the Steve Madden store in Soho. I say randomly because in previous experiences I haven’t had much luck with their shoes regardless of my admiration. So you can image my excitement when I found 4, yes 4  pairs that fit!!! The Soho location only had 2 the size I needed but the other 2 were available at the Bleecker st location just a hop, skip and jump away. The staff at both locations was incredibly helpful and accommodating which is rare these days.

heels2 960x720  Fab Four

This was the first pair that caught my eye. I’d been looking for a platformed sandal that didn’t make me fall over. These are a winner just in case you’ve been looking for a pair too. (Alishaa – in cognac)

heels1 960x720  Fab Four

Believe it or not I don’t have many sexy black heels. These satisfied my craving and closet needs in one fell swoop. The staff obliged my request for a few more holes in the ankle straps and did I mention these are also incredibly comfortable? (Cariee – in black. They’re on sale now!)

heels3 960x720  Fab Four

I’d been looking for a pair of Oxfords for quite a while wanting a light tan color. When I saw these I kinda fell in love. They’re a bit more masculine than what I was originally looking for but that’s why I like them. You may be surprised at their versatility and the compliments you may receive. (Hartleyy – They’re on sale too! **They do run a little small. I usually wear 7.5 or 8 but I got a 9 in these.)

heels4 960x720  Fab Four

As you saw in my previous post I also bought these lovelies. I started out with a light, gold colored leather pair but ended up changing my mind choosing the purple instead . For some reason I can’t find these online to link for you 🙁























Of course I planned on shopping while I was in New York but I forgot about the fact I had to get the items back home. Ridiculous doesn’t quite cover my packing attempt. While normally I keep my shoe boxes they ended as a traveling fashion casualty and were remanded to the recycling bin. I snapped a quick picture of what I was wearing today since I wore the oxfords. Certainly not the best picture but you get the idea. Now I have my eye on a few more pairs. What do you think of the following choices? I like the Reactor in blush, Kismet in yellow (planning ahead), Vegass-R, and Olympiaa in taupe… for starters heh heh. So if you need some new kicks pop on over to Steve Madden whether the store or online. Just like me you may find your own Fab Four!




    3 responses to “Fab Four”

    1. I am loving all of those shoes, especially the oxfords and sexy black ankle shoes, but what I’m really loving is that outfit on you in the last pic! So great!

    2. Jennifer says:

      I love those oxfords! You have great nerdy-girl (trust me, its a compliment 😉 ) style…and I need to learn how to pull that off. I want to rock the oxfords but then I’ll be so short!


    3. Jenny says:

      Gorgeous, gorgeous shoes!! Ha ha, sounds like we both have feet problems. The front part of my foot is really wide, but my heel is small, so my heels always slip out of pumps. Also, my feet are always sore, and most shoes are uncomfortable for me. Urghhh, so annoying because I’m shoe crazy!!

      xo Jenny

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