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It’s been rather cold in San Francisco lately and I should probably be smacked for saying this but… I’ve ACTUALLY enjoyed it. Though of course by cold I mean the 40’s, not “Ohio cold“. While I’ve enjoyed this seasonal Winter weather it also reminded me of a nonsensical fashion bias I’ve been holding onto. See, I have a thing about turtlenecks. Yes, “a thing”.  It’s unfair, unusual, and really just unfounded. Do you have a fashion aversion you know is absurd?

IMG 0464 960x616  Posh PulloverIMG 0498 666x1000  Posh Pullover

Ironically I’ve noticed myself making googly eyes at looks incorporating turtlenecks and I’ve even caught myself exclaiming “That would look fantastic with a turtleneck”! Plus when it’s chilly out and you don’t want to sport a scarf all day they’re a chic choice. Yet, I’ve never been ecstatic about wearing one. Have you?

IMG 0471 666x1000  Posh Pullover

So recently when getting dressed for work on a chilly day I was determined to wear this turtleneck. I wanted to pair it with something I’ve haven’t worn it with previously. This one from Banana Republic is a surviving member of my turtleneck team because it’s really soft and I like the deep chocolate color. With the outfit seen here I kept my boots and tights dark but went with a bright, striped skirt for a color pop. 

IMG 0476 960x768  Posh PulloverIMG 0482 666x1000  Posh Pullover

Of course adding a bold, statement necklace always makes me smile but I think it gives this look some additional interest. I’d just as soon wear heals with this look or another kind of shoe but these booties keep my toes quite toasty. Since the overall look is rather dark I decided on a lighter colored bag for contrast. So what do you think? Did I keep “the dull” from seeping in?

IMG 0473 866x1000  Posh PulloverIMG 0479 960x733  Posh Pullover

Pondering where my anti turtleneck thoughts may stem from nightmares like these don’t help with the recovery process heh heh. Maybe it’s the name? Is it time to rename the turtleneck? I can’t think of anything original right now but in the meantime I may start referring to it my ‘Posh Pullover’. Will the power of suggestion prevail? Anything’s possible!

IMG 0478 960x640  Posh Pullover




Skirt – J.Crew // Turtleneck – Banana Republic // Booties – Nine West // Bag -MMS via T.J Maxx // Necklace – unknown // Bracelets – Banana Republic, Forever 21, Swarvoski and raided from mom // Rings – J.Fein Designs, gifted antique, raided from mom // Watch – Seiko

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    1. Jillian says:

      LOVE that skirt!

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